International Conference on “Data-driven Discovery: When Data Science Meets Information Science” & Workshop onFrontiers of Technologies and Methodologies in Data and Information Science

With the convergence of new technologies and methodologies in Data Science, Information Science and Computer Science, new knowledge has emerged under the network environment of big data and linked data, and has been applied in the process of knowledge discovery, trend monitoring, and information science research. This has resulted in the emergence of new theories, techniques, and service tools and mechanisms to support knowledge analytics and decision-making. Knowledge computing, driven by big data and linked data, is now becoming a new source for information science. To foster deep communications under this topic and to propel new developments in this field, the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, will organize an International Conference on Big Data & Linked Data-driven Knowledge Computing and Information Science Research, and this conference will be held in Beijing from June 19 to June 24, 2016.
The conference will bring together the worldwide front-line and active researchers, practitioners, and developers working on many relevant aspects to share their research, experiences and innovations. We hope this event will engender informed and passionate discussions among all participants, the building of powerful collaborative projects, and a spirit of international cooperation. We look forward to welcoming you to the Conference!
1. Topics

Under the general theme of “Data Driven Discovery: When Data Science Meets Information Science”, special topics will be focused on but not limited to: 
1  New theories, methods, and techniques of big data and linked data-based knowledge mining, knowledge discovery, and informatics;
2  New mechanisms, methods, and tools to embed knowledge analytics and knowledge discovery into actual operation, service, or managerial processes.
3  New methods, architectures, and facilities to develop or improve knowledge infrastructure capable to support knowledge organization and sophisticated analytics; And
4  Optimized service mechanisms for supporting scientific research, education and management
2. Sponsor and Organizer

2.1 Sponsor
National Science Library, the Chinese Academy of Science (

2.2 Organizer

National Science Library, the Chinese Academy of Science (
Journal of Data and Information Science (JDIS) (

2.3 Co-Sponsor
Thomson Reuters (

3. Conference Co-Chairs

 Prof Xiaolin Zhang
National Science Librar, Chinese Academy of Sciences
 Prof Ronald Rousseau
University of Leuven, KU Leuven, Belgium           
  Prof. Ying Ding 
Indiana University, USA

3. Conference Program

Sunday, June 19, 2016
08:30-20:30    Registration
Venue: Lecture Hall, National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Monday, June 20, 2016
Opening Ceremony Chaired by Prof Xiaolin Zhang, CO-EIC of JDIS
Welcoming Remarks
Prof Xiangyang Huang
Director General, National Science Library, Chinese Acedemy of Sciences, China
Session 1 Chaired by Prof Ronald Rousseau, EIC of JDIS
Informatics of Scientific Discovery
Prof Neil Smalheiser
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Measuring Scholarly Impact and Beyond
Prof Ying Ding
Indiana University, USA
Advanced Bibliometric Methods and Tools and Information Science
Prof Everard Noyons
Leiden University, the Netherlands
10:05-10:30    Coffee Break & Group Photo
Ranking and Mapping Science
Dr Jevin West
University of Washington, USA
Data Science in 2021
Dr Kyle Stirling
Indiana University, USA
Understanding, Assessing and Fostering Convergence: A Chanllenge for Data and Information Science
Prof Cinzia Daraio
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
From Digital Library to Digital Librarian
Prof Kuansan Wang & Dr Rui Li
Microsoft Research Asia, China
12:10-13:30    Lunch
Session 2 Chaired by Prof Wei Lu, Editor of JDIS
Organizational Needs and Data Management: The Information Science Perspective Missing from Data Analytic Textbooks
Prof Miguel Nunes
Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Research on the Comparison Approach for Information Analysis Using Machine Learning
Prof Guangjian Li
Peking University, China
AMiner: Towards Understanding Big Scholar Data
Prof Juanzi Li & Prof Jie Tang
Tsinghua University, China
Future Innovation Pathway in Disruptive Innovation: Bridging the Gap between Data Mining and Foresight
Dr Ying Guo & Prof Donghua Zhu
Beijing Institute of Technology, China
Towards a National Data Infrastructure for Digital Humanities
Prof Wei Liu
Shanghai Library, China
15:35-15:45    Coffee Break
Session 3 Chaired by Prof Everard Noyons
Emerging Ethic Issues from Big Data
Prof Yuelin Li
Nankai University, China
Large-scale Analysis of Bibliometric Networks
Dr Nees Jan van Eck
Leiden University, the Netherlands
Citation Links between Science & Technology
Prof Dar-Zen Chen
Taiwan University, Taiwan China
World Class University and World Class Discipline – From the Perspective of Scientometrics
Dr Weiping Yue
Thomson Reuters, China
The Fundamental Theory of Data and Information Science: An Exploration
Prof. Fred. Y. Ye
Nanjing University, China
17:50-18:50    Dinner
The 1st Global Editorial Board Meeting of JDIS
Venue: Meeting Room 7D
Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Session 4 Chaired by Prof Ying Ding, EIC of JDIS
Mining and Application of Big Data in Agriculture of China
Prof Tan Sun
Agriculture Information Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Documents’ Structure Function Recognition and Its Application
Prof Wei Lu
Wuhan University, China
Going back in Time: Early Personal Computing and the Journal "Byte"
Prof Ronald Rousseau
University of Leuven, Belgium
Exploring the Motivation of the User Exodus in SNS: An Ethnography Decision Tree Approach
Prof Yuxiang Zhao
Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Discovery of the Knowledge for Network Society Governance Based on Data from Social Media
Prof Fang Wang
Nankai University, China
10:15-10:30    Coffee Break
Session 5 Chaired by Prof Yuelin Li, Editor of JDIS
Testing an Assumption Underlying Re-citation Analysis
Prof Dangzhi Zhao
University of Alberta, Canada
Research Evaluation, Science Policy, and Scientometrics: Evidence from Retractions
Prof Li Tang
Fudan University, China
A Multi-layer Network Framework of Scientometrics and Its Application to Name Disambiguation, Diversity Measure and Ranking
Prof Jinshan Wu
Beijing Normal University, China
Identifying and Ranking the Most Significant Research Fronts from the Perspective of Strategic Planning of Science
Prof Haiyan Hou
Dalian University of Technology, China
12:10-13:10    Lunch
Session 6 Chaired by Prof Tan Sun, Editor of JDIS
Scientific Data Management of Precision Medicine
Prof Qing Qian
Institute of Medical Information, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China
Towards Cloud Services for Profiling the Innovation Progress Based on Web Mining
Prof Zhixiong Zhang
National Science Library, Chinese Acedemy of Sciences, China
Quantifying Patterns of Research Interest Evolution
Prof Tao Jia
Southwest University, China
Mapping and Visualizing the Translational Path from Basic Discovery to Clinic Practice Based on the Publications of a Pioneer Who Explores a New Land of a Research Topic from the Unknown World
Prof Yuxian Liu
Tongji University, China
Finding a Representative Subset from Large-scale Documents
Prof Ming Ren
Renmin University, China
Detcting the Key Nodes in Academic Collaboration Network by Applying Weighted Degree Centrality Measures
Prof Liying Yang
National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
16:00-16:20    Coffee Break
Closing Ceremony, Chaired by Prof Ronald Rousseau, Co-EIC of JDIS
Introduction to JDIS
Dr Fenghong Liu, Managing Editor of JDIS
Closing Remarks
Prof Xiaolin Zhang, CO-EIC of JDIS
17:00-18:30    Dinner
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Departure

5 Call for Papaers 

Originally theoretical research articles, empirical research articles, technical articles, perspectives, and reviews on all aspects of “data and information science” are welcome to be submitted to the Conference Proceedings. Topics include but are not limited to:

    Knowledge organization
    Knowledge discovery and data mining
    Knowledge integration and fusion
    Semantic Web metrics
    Analytic and diagnostic informetrics
    Competitive intelligence
    Predictive analysis
    Social network analysis and metrics
    Semantic and interactively analytic retrieval
    Evidence-based policy analysis
    Intelligent knowledge production
    Knowledge-driven workflow management and decision-making
    Knowledge-driven collaboration and its management
    Domain knowledge infrastructure with knowledge fusion and analytics
    Training for data & information scientists
    Development of data and information services

6 Special Issue 
All participants are invited (but not required) to contribute articles or posters. Articles will be peer-reviewed as usual. Authors are highly recommended to refer to the instructions listed on for preparing their manuscripts. To submit, please just send the manuscript to with stating that “this manuscript is submitted to the Conference”.

Best Paper Award
In order to recognize the outstanding work and encourage talented young scholars, the Conference is going to organize a “Best Paper Award” selection. All submitted papers are eligible to the selection except the invited ones. Students who win the award will receive a certificate issued by the Conference Academic Committee.

7. Registration

Registration fee
For general participants, registration fee will be RMB¥2,000. On production of a student card, the registration fee will be reduced to RMB¥1,000 (students whose papers have been selected as “Best Paper” will have their registration waived). The registration fee will include copies of all the conference documents (such as proceedings), lunches, dinners and coffee breaks during the conference. Please register early.
8. Time, Location, and Language 

June 19-22, 2016
Location: Conference Hall, National Science Library, Chinese Acadmy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, Chinanese
Language: English

Fenghong LIU(17710233779), Lin PENG(13911997306)and Jing CAO(13520231008)

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