A discussion of the emotive element of knowledge service practice: An empirical study at the Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Evaluations on social network analysis (SNA) research in Mainland China: A critical assessment of journal literatures
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Introduction to information seeking behavior—A review of literature and field practice directions
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Blog acceptance model: An empirical study on exploring users’ acceptance and continual usage of blogs
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Digital reading: An overview
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Construction of an evaluation system for the service capabilities of government to business (G2B) web portals
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General review of National Digital Library development in the National Library of China
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Social networks, social capital, and the use of information technology in the urban village: A study of community groups in Manchester, England
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Scopus vs WOS as scientific evaluation tools: A comparative analysis based on a testing sample search on the topic of electric vehicles
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Chinese college students'  Web querying behaviors: A case study of Peking University
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A study of the IC2 Culture Exploring Project of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Library
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Adjusting the information service strategies according to users' requirements—A survey of the library users' information requirements in the four library systems of Zhejiang province
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A study of user experience in Tsinghua Wireless and Mobile Digital Library System (TWIMS)
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A comparative study of library and information science education at library and information science institutions of higher learning in contemporary China's Mainland and Taiwan
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A study of subject-focused liaison services to its academic constituents under an IC2 conceptualized program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library
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Research on the development of thesaurus in China
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Case study of perception about the copyright of the digital libraries in Mainland China with Hongkong and Taiwan as the Reference System
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An investigative report on current long-term digital preservation situation among major Chinese libraries
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The development of online cooperative cataloging in China
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Information service of special libraries in China: Current status and prospect
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Research on the evaluation of e-service quality in libraries
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Real-time virtual reference service based on applicable artificial intelligence technologies: The début of the robot Xiaotu at Tsinghua University Library
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Mapping the research on scientific collaboration
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Reference unification and reference linking: Concept, functionalities and inhibiting elements. A case study of Chinese Science Citation Database
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Development in theoretical study and practice of library legislation in China
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The hot issues of studies in China on digital information resources: Based on co-word analysis
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A visual analysis of the usage efficiency of library books
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A comparative analysis of information literacy curriculum standards in the educational programs of high schools in China and in the United States
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